Best corporate payment method
0.5% rate, transfer in second

We solve all the complicated problems.


Why we create this project?

In the world now, if you want to collect money from customers around the world, the handling fee is often above 3%, at the same time, it takes at least 2 days for the payment to arrive. There is also foreign exchange controls in some countries, which make circulation very troublesome. It is caused by the bloated banking system that has been in operation for hundreds of years around the world. It is difficult to optimize this huge and complex system, so we are going to make a new path. The B.APP is our solution.

Our mission is to make the best way to collect and to pay in the world, with a 0.5% charge rate, and the funds are quickly available to the account.

We will solve all the complicated problems for you.

Who are we?

We are a group of companies founded by Geeker, the company is called BitBlank LTD, and is registered in the Cayman Islands. The digital currency has changed us, and we have inadvertently earned the money that we have spent in this life through Bitcoin. We want to do something to make the world a better place, so we did this project.We hope that everyone's wealth can be preserved through Bitcoin. Everyone can truly control their own wealth. Everyone's wealth can be circulated throughout the world without hindrance.We bought the domain name B.APP for a million dollars, so that everyone can see our determination, we will not quit halfway. At the same time, we also feel that only the best domain name is worthy of this project.We want to make this wallet the most popular bitcoin wallet in the world, which makes us feel worthwhile.

We believe that everyone will use Bitcoin in the future. The Bitcoin will become a globally recognized quality asset and an efficient payment method.

We are very confident in the safety of our products. We guarantee that if your Bitcoin is stolen due to a loophole in our products, we will compensate you 100%. At the same time, we guarantee that it will be free of charge for individual customers.


The development

  • 24/08/19


    B.APP ios version of the first edition on line

    In the App Store, can be downloaded from 154 countries/regions in the world, except in the mainland of China.

  • 07/08/19


    Bitcoin automatic exchange USDT on line


    Automatically convert the account balance of Bitcoins, including newly recorded Bitcoins, into USDT, so that the value of your assets is not affected by the price fluctuations of Bitcoins.

  • 07/08/19


    Instant messaging on line


    It is more convenient for both parties to communicate: as long as there is a Bitcoin transaction with the other party, real-time dialogue can be initiated in order details.Consulting feedback is more convenient: you can contact B. app's official customer service directly in the chat list.

  • 25/06/19


    Support Bitcoin ATM withdrawa


    You can use B. app's sweep, scan Bitcoin ATM's two-dimensional code for withdrawal, to facilitate your exchange of local French currency.

  • 07/03/19


    The Bitcoin collection API online


    Any merchant can become our registered client after simple certification, and get API collection permission. Through the API collection, the funds can be paid in real time.

  • 28/02/19


    B.APP Android version of the first edition on line

    APPThe Company established

    We support Bitcoin instant arrival transactions, transfers between individuals are free, and we promise that we will never charge any fees for individuals.

  • 13/07/18


    BitBlank LTD. Founded

    On line

    The start-up team was formed and the B.APP product was developed.