Answers to common merchants' FAQs

First, B.APP wallet can be completed in 1 second, which is currently not possible with other wallets. The other wallets will generally be officially confirmed after more than half an hour of confirmation. Second, the B.APP wallet supports any small amount of money transfer, and the handling fee is low. In general, one transaction for a wallet will be charged a fee of about 20 Yuan, which is determined by the mechanism of the block chain itself. In B.APP, regardless of the amount, we only charge 0.5% rate.
Yes. There are two ways for merchants to directly convert Bitcoin into legal tender. 1. After you receive Bitcoin, you can set it to be sold automatically. When the user in our wallet wants to purchase Bitcoin, it will transfer the money directly to your bank card and automatically complete the Bitcoin trading transaction. 2. You can set the bitcoin to be automatically converted into a stable currency, which will ensure that you will not lose money due to the appreciation or the depreciation of Bitcoin. 3. We will introduce more methods later, so that your Bitcoin can be turned into legal tender faster and cheaper.
After accessing our API, the initial success rate is a litter low; it will be around 20%. Especially for new users, you need to download the APP and buy Bitcoin paid with a bank card. However, this is only a short time process. Once the user is skilled, the success rate will rise rapidly. As long as there is a balance in his wallet, it can achieve a 99% success rate.
The advantage of using Bitcoin is that the user cannot complete the refund by contacting the bank, and can only contact the merchant to negotiate the refund. If you agree to a refund, we have a special transfer interface that allows you to transfer the balance from your wallet directly to your users. Please contact our customer service to apply for it.
For merchants with large transaction volume, please contact our customer service to discuss it.
When the access has a problem, please contact our customer service, we can help you to check the code problem.
By paying through the API of B.APP, it can be guaranteed that there will be no missed order or wrong order information.
You can sell Bitcoin in your local currency directly in our wallet, or you can withdraw Bitcoin and convert it to legal tender on other exchanges.
Sure. The minimum payment amount of our wallet and API payment interface is 0.01 yuan, which can be accessed by convenience stores and other small retailers. We hope that bitcoin payment can be used in daily consumption scenarios.
Sure. Support any bitcoin wallet payment, and your customers can continue to use the used bitcoin wallet payment.