Individual user FAQ

The B.APP solemnly promises: If your Bitcoin is stolen due to our product security breach, we will pay in full. Please feel free to use it . If it is because of your own reasons that the account password has been obtained by others and it’s successfully landed, we can’t pay for the loss of funds. If you find the problem, please contact our customer service as soon as possible, our customer service will help you to try to recover your money.
Yes, we are free for individual users. There is no charge not only for the product, there is no charge for transfers between users. The transfer between users, the essence is that the application transfer is not on the chain, so no gas fee is required. Only when you withdraw the coins, then you will pay for the gas fee on the chain, let alone: Our fee is very low, only 1/10 of the general exchange fee, you can compare it horizontally.
Yes. The transfer between friends is essentially an in-app transfer, not on the chain, so it can be done quickly in 1 second. We believe that efficiency and cost are the first considerations for payment. Only one-second payment method is the future payment.
Yes, we solemnly promise that no matter when, we are free for individual users. There is no account opening fee, no account management fee, no transfer fee, no transaction fee. When the coin is withdrawed, the gas fee will be charged. We also charge the cost according to the minimum method, and never make money from individuals.
For security reasons, you can now withdraw the amount no more than 1200 Yuan per month or equivalent in other currencies without auditing. It is exempted from auditing 3 times a day. If the number of withdrawals or the amount exceeds this rule, the manual review is required, and it is also very fast, usually completed within 1 hour
Yes. After testing, our wallet is free to withdraw cash on the Bitcoin ATM. The general Bitcoin ATM machine supports 0 to confirm the money, so withdraw cash can be done in seconds. Our official website home page lists the specific location of the global Bitcoin ATM machine for your convenience.
Our product is a real-name wallet. First of all, when at registration, you must use the mobile number verification code to register. Moreover, although it is used at the beginning, it is not necessary to pass the advanced real-name authentication. It can also perform operations such as transaction transfer. However, if a large amount of transactions is required, or a certain amount of money is accumulated, we will prompt you to perform KYC certification, and you need to submit your identity. Photo card and my bank card account number. We will complete the certification through the banking system. In terms of anti-money laundering, our wind-controlled AI robot will automatically trigger an abnormal trading alert based on some data and automatically cut off related operational behavior, in order to prevent illegal funds from being traded.
Yes. You can turn on the function of "Receiving Bitcoin automatically converted to stable currency" in the settings. The money you receive is always value-keeping and will not change as the price of Bitcoin fluctuates. When you need to use Bitcoin, you don't need to manually convert the stable currency into Bitcoin. You can use it directly. Our APP will automatically convert the necessary stable currency into Bitcoin for you to complete the payment or transfer.