Bitcoin Payment API interface

Global collections supports

No troubles, no need to exchange money in banks, connect directlywith global customers

99% payment success rate

No failure due to the bank's refusal. With sufficient customer balance, the payment success rate can reach 99%.

No refund trouble

If the transaction is successful, the customer can'tintercept the payment in bank, only the merchant can do the refund.

Support any bitcoin wallet payment

Customers can continue to pay with the used bitcoin wallet, and the payment order can be confirmed within seconds

Only 0.5% fee

No other fees. If you have a large amount of transaction, contact our customer service to discuss the rate.

Set to automatically convert to US dollars

The BitcoinIt can be set to automatically convert to USD, which enters automatically your bank account

Receiving payment in real time

After receiving Bitcoin, it will be reflected in your wallet balance within 1 second, it will arrive in real time on the same day.

Support for micropayments

The minimum payment amount is 0.01 yuan, which can be accessed by small retailers such as convenience stores

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There are more than 14000+ merchants in the world who have accepted bitcoin payments

You can open the way to pay in the future and join the world's first open financial system

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Payment process experience

PC web payment

You can use the system's own payment page to display the payment QR code,then scan the QR code to complete the payment.

Click in computer

Mobile phone H5 payment

Use the B.APP to complete the payment, no need to scan the code (please use the mobile browser to open the page)

JSAPI inside payment

Access without entering B.APP's payment page, it displays directly the QR code on your own page or through the B.APP payment.

They use Bitcoin payment

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